to the order of the First Senate of 23 July 2014
- 1 BvL 10/12 - 1 BvL 12/12 - 1 BvR 1691/13 1. In order to guarantee a dignified minimum existence (Article 1 section
1 of the Basic Law [Grundgesetz – GG] in conjunction with Article 20
section 1 of the Basic Law), the requirements of the Basic Law to effectively ensure a dignified minimum existence must ultimately be
met, and the overall amount of benefits paid to ensure minimum existence must be fixed at a level that is justifiable in a way that stands up
to scrutiny.
2. The Constitution does not bar the legislature from retroactively removing, on the basis of the basket-of-goods model, individual items from
the generally permissible statistical calculation of the benefits intended to secure the recipients’ existence. However, the standard benefits
securing the recipients’ existence must either on an overall scale be
calculated in such a way that underfunding can be compensated for
internally or by saving up for certain expenses, or must be covered by
additional rights to benefits.


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