Affirming that good governance and the rule of law will assist all States to
promote and protect human rights, including the right to education,

Bearing in mind the need for adequate financial resources so that everyone can
realize their right to education, and the importance in this regard of national resource
mobilization, as well as international cooperation,

Recalling Council resolutions 5/1 on institution-building of the Human Rights
Council and 5/2 on the code of conduct for special procedures mandate-holders of the
Council of 18 June 2007, and stressing that the mandate-holder shall discharge his/her
duties in accordance with those resolutions and the annexes thereto,


Welcomes the work of the Special Rapporteur on the right to education

and takes note of his reports on girls’ right to education (E/CN.4/2006/45, as well as
Add.1), on the right to education of persons with disabilities (A/HRC/4/29, as well as
Adds.1, 2 and 3) and on the right to education in emergency situations (A/HRC/8/10, as
well as Adds.1, 2, 3 and 4), and of the report of the Secretary-General on economic,
social and cultural rights (A/HRC/7/58);


Notes with interest the work carried out by the Committee on Economic,

Social and Cultural Rights and the Committee on the Rights of the Child in the promotion
of the right to education, notably through the issuing of general comments and
concluding observations and the holding of days of general discussion;


Welcomes the work undertaken by the Office of the United Nations High

Commissioner for Human Rights in the promotion of the right to education at the country,
regional and headquarters levels, including the development of a list of indicators on the
right to education;

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