Human Rights Council
Resolution 8/11.

Human rights and extreme poverty

The Human Rights Council,

Recalling that, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and
the international covenants on human rights, the ideal of free human beings enjoying
freedom from fear and want can be achieved only if conditions are created whereby
everyone may enjoy his or her economic, social and cultural rights, as well as his or her
civil and political rights,

Bearing in mind paragraph 6 of General Assembly resolution 60/251 of 15 March

Recalling its resolutions 5/1 on institution-building of the Human Rights Council
and 5/2 on a code of conduct for special procedures mandate-holders of the Council of 18
June 2007, and stressing that the mandate-holder shall discharge his or her duties in
accordance with these resolutions and their annexes thereto,

Recalling also all previous resolutions on the issue of human rights and extreme
poverty adapted by the General Assembly and the Commission on Human Rights, as well
as its own relevant resolutions including Council resolutions 2/2 and 7/27,

Recalling further the United Nations Millennium Declaration, adopted by Heads
of State and Government on the occasion of the Millennium Summit, and their
commitment to eradicate extreme poverty and to halve, by 2015, the proportion of the

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