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7 October 2010
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Human Rights Council
Fifteenth session
Agenda item 3
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil
political, economic, social and cultural rights,
including the right to development

Resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council*
Preventable maternal mortality and morbidity and human
rights: follow-up to Council resolution 11/8
The Human Rights Council,
Reaffirming its resolution 11/8 of 17 June 2007 on preventable maternal mortality
and morbidity and human rights,
Reaffirming also the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the Programme of
Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and its review
conferences, including the outcome document of the 15-year review of the Programme of
Action contained in Commission on Population and Development resolution 2009/1 of 3
April 2009, Commission on the Status of Women resolution 54/5 of 12 March 2010, and
the targets and commitments regarding the reduction of maternal mortality and universal
access to reproductive health, including those contained in the 2000 Millennium
Declaration (General Assembly resolution 55/2 of 8 September 2000) and the 2005 World
Summit Outcome (General Assembly resolution 60/1 of 16 September 2005),
Welcoming the recent initiatives relevant to preventable maternal mortality and
morbidity and human rights, including the Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for
Women’s and Children’s Health, the Group of Eight Muskoka initiative on maternal,
newborn and under-five child health, as well as the convening of the fifteenth ordinary
session of the summit of the African Union in Kampala, from 19 to 27 July 2010, with the
theme “Maternal, infant and child health and development in Africa”, the launch of the
African Union campaign in accelerated reduction of maternal mortality in Africa and the
"Africa cares: no woman should die while giving life" campaign,



The resolutions and decisions adopted by the Human Rights Council will be contained in the report of
the Council on its fifteenth session (A/HRC/15/60), chap. I.

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